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Washing machine repairs in Tonbridge

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Flexible repairs for all brands

Do you hear strange noises from your washing machine when it is switched on? Has it been a while since your machine functioned normally? 
We understand how difficult life can be with a damaged washing machine. 
You don't have to worry when you have N Tait Services to help you. We can take care of all your washing machine issues and are experienced with all the latest manufacturers and models.

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For washing machine repairs in Tonbridge, 
Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas, 
call the specialists at N Tait Services on
01732 852 288 
07923 550 926

Common washing machine problems we fix:

  • Power supply problems
  • Overfilling
  • Leaks
  • Drainage issues
  • Code errors
  • Strong odours
  • Broken drums
  • Faulty belts
  • Damaged hinges
  • Damaged agitator
  • Issues with transmission
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